CNC machining is carried out on a CNC machine tool, and the CNC machining equipment for aluminum profiles is generally a long CNC machine tool. The length can reach 6 meters. Let’s talk about the advantages of CNC processing aluminum profiles. There are many machining processes such as milling, drilling, and tapping for CNC machine tools to process aluminum profile components.

1. TCNC processing method is relatively simple, and complex aluminum profile products can be processed without complex fixtures.

2. CNC machine tools can assure the processing quality, processing tolerance and repeatability.

3. Reduce processing equipment, machine tool adjustment, processing preparation and inspection process, greatly improving production efficiency.

4. CNC machining center can process complex surfaces that other equipment cannot process.

5. The aluminum profile processing center has strong adaptability to the processing object. In addition to changing the tool and solving the blank clamping method, only reprogramming is required, and other complex adjustments are not required, which greatly shortens the production preparation cycle.

6. It is easy to establish communication with the computer, and it is easy to realize group control. Because the machine tool adopts digital information control, it is easy to connect with the computer-aided design system to form a computer-aided design/computer-aided design integrated system, which can establish the connection between the machine tools and is easy to realize group control.

These are some of the advantages of CNC machining of aluminum profiles. Of course, vertical CNC machine tools cannot process the end face of the profile. To process the end face, you need to take other equipment for processing. This is also a disadvantage of it.

In all, CNC machining aluminum profiles can save raw material cost, machining cost, management cost and transportation cost,etc.

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Post time: Apr-25-2022