Corporate vision (reflect the position and belief of top management)

A. Become the most competitive supplier in precision machining industry

B. With excellent equipment and superb technology to become the best supporting service provider in the precision machining industry

C. Create high quality professional precision machining supplier

Corporate mission: (with the embodiment of certain social responsibility)

Taking CNC precision machining as the carrier, it creates value for customers and realizes the double harvest of employee spirit and material civilization.

Quality policy: quality oriented, excellence; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Environmental policy: save energy and reduce waste; protect the earth and prevent pollution;

We should abide by laws and regulations, advocate green, popularize training and improve continuously.

Core values: meticulous work, income and expenditure, integrity management, customer achievement.

"Customer" here means representing customers, employees, suppliers, enterprises and society!

Business philosophy: struggle, innovation, friendship and dedication, pragmatic and efficient.

Struggle: hard work is the attitude of every one of us to work hard. Once we slack off, we will be eliminated. Therefore, we emphasize that we should keep pace with each other, encourage timely surpassing, resist not thinking of making progress;

Development and Innovation: innovation can expand the survival space of the enterprise. On the premise of conforming to the regulations, all employees can participate in many fields such as system innovation and process innovation through extensive study activities, so as to realize all staff innovation;

Fraternity and dedication: people oriented is the core business philosophy of Jixin. We advocate family culture and let family members from all over the world unite and love each other, gather strength, be willing to contribute, help each other, love work and love Wally, and regard the company as home;

Pragmatic and efficient: with the mentality of unity, sincere cooperation and never shirking responsibility, we can achieve the goal efficiently. Through effective mechanism, we can effectively communicate, coordinate and solve the problem perfectly, starting with the end.