CNC machining workshop

Voerly equipped well-organisation CNC machining workshop, which can meet the increasing capacity of customers and the quality requirements of products. CNC 4-axis machining and CNC 5-axis machine are suitable for complex machining parts, decreasing repeated clamping, and ensuring product quality; Through turning and milling complex processing, complex parts can be completed.

CNC lathe machining workshop

CNC lathe machining workshop is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of precision hardware parts, like stainless steel precision parts, aluminum alloy precision parts, copper alloy precision parts; CNC lathe machine can meet the machining requirement of precision large products, Automatic-lathe machine is more suitable for manufacturing precision shaft parts, such as long shaft precision parts, precision screw shaft manufacturing, etc.

Stamping workshop

With a wide range of precision stamping machine workshops from 30T to 200T, we can achieve precision machining needs such as continuous stamping, high-speed stamping, and hydraulic stamping, etc.

Radiator module processing workshop

The heat dissipation module processing is the main product of the company for many years, the mature production process, the complete assembly line, and 10 temperature zone control of the reflow soldering line to ensure the stable performance of the heat sink module.

There are many types of radiators, including wind circulation series radiators and water circulation series radiators. The main products include LED radiators, CPU radiators, security radiators, electronic radiators, inverter radiators, etc.