Today, with the rapid development of domestic machinery processing industry, the update of equipment is also faster and faster. Turn milling composite processing has gradually become the mainstream processing technology. Why do so many people regard turn milling composite processing as the mainstream processing technology? Wally cabinet machine technology will take you to learn more about the application and future trend of compound milling processing in the mechanical processing industry 。

First of all, I understand the definition of turn milling compound processing again. Turn milling composite processing is the same equipment that can meet the requirements of product turning pin and product milling pin at the same time. Such equipment is called turn milling compound processing equipment. Only such equipment can have the ability of turn milling compound processing.

The first advantage of turn milling composite machining is to reduce the number of datum conversion, one clamping can complete a variety of forming processing procedures, improve the accuracy of processing, but also improve the production efficiency; the second advantage is flexible and convenient, if a product is to be put on the machining center after turning, there will be less fixture, and the use of turn milling composite processing can not The third advantage is to shorten the development cycle of the product, which can reduce the production process and sample development cycle. In the increasingly competitive market environment, the timeliness of samples is also the customer evaluation enterprise The fourth advantage is that it can reduce the number of transferred products caused by the production process. The less the production process, the more convenient and transparent the management.

Wally machinery technology CNC machining workshop, there are turn milling compound main machine equipment and turn milling compound cutter machine equipment, can meet the demand of precision parts for turn milling compound.

Post time: Oct-12-2020