At present, there are many methods and equipment used in machining centers, among which CNC four-axis machining centers are common machining methods. Initially, three-axis machining was generally used. In terms of performance, function and adaptability, four-axis machining is better. Today, let’s take a look at the performance and processing characteristics of the four-axis machining center.

Although CNC four-axis machining is very common in the industry, it does not have much theoretical data in the process of development, so various problems are often encountered in practical applications, such as tool problems, which will also affect Efficiency of the entire equipment.

Four-axis machining centers are mainly divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical. The two have their own characteristics. Generally, the horizontal type is used, and a B axis can be added to the Y axis. The programming method is similar to the 3 axis; it can rotate 4 sides to achieve the highest precision requirements. Compared with three-axis, four-axis is usually used for the needs of three-axis machine tools that cannot be processed, such as parts that cannot be processed by depth and angle limits, ordinary fan blades, worms and other products.

In fact, many CNC four-axis machining centers have evolved from CNC milling machines, and the difference between them is the ability to automatically change machining tools. The former method can complete automatic exchange very well, with automatic tool change in one clamping, and complete various processing functions. In addition, the four-axis machining center can also complete the linkage control of more than three axes, which can better process equipment with complex surfaces.

In short, the four-axis machining center is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine tool. It can complete the processing of multiple processes with only one clamping, and has perfect tool functions and automatic tool change functions.

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Post time: May-17-2022