The CNC machining center itself is a kind of cnc machining parts with complete functions. It can concentrate milling, boring, drilling and tapping on one equipment. One clamping can realize multi-process centralized processing and reduce multiple installations. The error caused by the entrainment, taking advantage of the "multi-process concentration" of the machining center, combined with the experience and methods of machining plan 1, changed the processing idea, and introduced the "flexibility" idea of CNC into actual production.

This machining plan uses a vertical four-axis machining center to make a stepped mandrel. The inner hole of the guide cylinder that has been processed in the previous process is used as the positioning reference. The jack is used as an auxiliary support to enhance the rigidity and ensure that one clamping can meet all the processing elements of the rotary part. This processing method has fewer clamping times, which is more conducive to ensuring the positional accuracy between the surfaces, and can greatly reduce the waste of auxiliary time. Significantly improve production efficiency.

Post time: Aug-20-2022