With the beginning of Sino US trade frictions, the hardware processing industry, like other industries, has begun the cold winter of economy. Different industries are doomed to the same outcome. All enterprises are unwilling but helpless to get out. The repeated negotiations of Sino US trade war have a more and more serious impact on the economy and affected all countries in the world. China and the United States are the first in the world With the second economy, profit comes from cooperation, while defeat leads to both losses. Waves of business failures, relocations, and boss closures are staged every day. Enterprises in the hardware processing industry are enterprises with heavy assets and no R & D. how to survive the winter is the key issue in the business summary in 2019 and the business planning in 2020.

The common phenomenon in the hardware processing industry is that the development is slow, the development is difficult, and it is not easy to develop. The company has no money in the account. There are more and more production equipment in the workshop. There are more and more production equipment in the workshop. There are more than five characteristics of the processing industry, and most enterprises have no core single competitiveness. After the market downturn, the operation is difficult When the economy will break ice is the answer that business owners want to know most. How long will the economic winter end and how to persist until the spring is warm and blooming.

With the advent of the tide of bankruptcy, the first enterprises to close down are often large companies and large enterprises with intensive production personnel, and then small enterprises bound with large enterprises. They are prosperous and fall down. The profits in normal operation are meager. Unless the cost of materials, labor cost, factory rent, tax and other costs, the profits are left with nothing, and they can not cope with the increasing costs With the increase of labor cost, laws and regulations, and the increase of workshop rent, the products are not updated and facing the cost down, which leads to the situation that they can not be maintained and closed.

So, how should the hardware processing industry deal with it? When many enterprises want to change careers, some enterprises have already begun to transform, because the hardware processing industry belongs to the basic manufacturing industry, which can never be replaced in the production link. Combined with the policy guidance of the government, we should adjust the product structure, optimize the enterprise structure, enhance the competitiveness of products and reduce the production cost of enterprises Products, so as to ensure that enterprises slimmed down at the same time can enhance the value of enterprises, so as to remain invincible in the cold winter of economy

Post time: Oct-12-2020