How to identify high-quality metal stamping parts manufacturers is very concerned by many manufacturers. The scale of hardware stamping parts manufacturers ranges from one punch to hundreds of presses. The low industry threshold is one of the reasons for the large number of hardware stamping parts manufacturers.

Generally speaking, whether a hardware stamping manufacturer is a high-quality hardware stamping parts manufacturer depends on the following three points:

1、 Whether the scale of the enterprise has the ability of flexible delivery, high-quality metal stamping parts manufacturers generally have a large number of equipment, and the types of equipment should be complementary. For example, the mechanical punch press and the hydraulic punch press are two major categories. If they are carefully divided, they can be further divided. The complementarity of equipment functions can meet the needs of customers with different structure products. Therefore, scale-up is the best screening One of the requirements of quality hardware stamping parts manufacturer;

2、 High quality hardware stamping parts manufacturers should also see whether they have a mature management system in management, such as whether they have passed the certification of ISO9001 and other related quality systems, and whether there is a similar ERP management system in the management data. The existence of the management system is to identify the enterprise’s emphasis on Management. The review of the system and the actual operation of the system is to identify the enterprise’s reality The management level of international operation, therefore, the audit of enterprise management system is one of the conditions to identify whether it is a high-quality hardware stamping parts manufacturer;

3、 Understanding the development plan of an enterprise is also one of the conditions for judging whether it is the same as the high-quality metal stamping parts factory. If the enterprise planning has a long-term planning layout, it means that the enterprise has the idea of long-term development and can keep up with the development rhythm of customers. If an enterprise has no long-term development goals or plans, and has no expansion of survival and development space, then such a manufacturer will certainly follow the As time goes by, it will be eliminated. Therefore, this is one of the conditions for identifying high-quality metal stamping parts manufacturers.

Of course, in addition to the above three points, there are many other factors, such as human resource planning, equipment spot inspection and maintenance, testing level, etc. these conditions can also become the conditions for screening high-quality metal stamping parts manufacturers. The above are just three important points.

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Post time: Oct-12-2020