In CNC precision machining, how to improve the production efficiency through CNC machining center programming is a required course for machining practitioners. The factors affecting CNC machining efficiency include tool problems, fixture problems, machine parameters, etc., and these factors affect CNC machining center programming, thus indirectly affecting the production efficiency.

First of all, before programming in the CNC machining center, we should carefully study the product drawings, formulate the processing route of the product, and prepare the suitable machining tools. Under the condition of ensuring the machining accuracy, the machining surface should be processed at one time as much as possible, so as to reduce the processing times of the machining surface. It must be considered when programming in the CNC machining center.

1. In one-time positioning and clamping, the processing should be completed at one time as much as possible, so as to reduce the processing times of the workpiece, shorten the auxiliary time and reduce the production cost;

2. In the programming process, pay attention to the rationality of tool switching to reduce the time of tool switching. The area to be processed by the same tool should be finished at one time as much as possible, so as to avoid the waste of time caused by frequent tool switching and improve the production efficiency;

3. In order to reduce the running time of the machine and improve the production efficiency, attention should be paid to the principle of priority processing of adjacent parts in programming;

4. In the programming, considering the way of processing multiple workpieces together, processing multiple workpieces at one time can effectively reduce the time of shutdown and clamping.

5. In the process of programming, it is necessary to avoid the repetition of invalid instructions and move quickly under no load state to reduce the waiting time.

In addition to the above factors caused by the CNC machining center programming efficiency, the rationality of product design fixture can greatly shorten the auxiliary processing time. In short, there are many factors that affect the CNC machining efficiency. Paying attention to details can certainly greatly improve the processing efficiency.

Post time: Oct-12-2020