CNC processing industry after 2019, more and more enterprises feel the shrinking of market orders. How to manage the CNC processing industry has become a topic of concern to many entrepreneurs. Wally machinery technology has been operating in the CNC processing industry for many years, and is also faced with such a problem. What will we do?

Generally speaking, CNC processing industry belongs to the basic manufacturing industry. In the eyes of negative people, it may be the lowest level manufacturing industry. In the eyes of optimists, it is a very good basic manufacturing industry. There is no market life limit of products, and there is no difference between off-season and peak season.

In order to survive better in the CNC processing industry, the most important thing is quality. Quality must be the lifeline of enterprise development. Many equipment industry customers are difficult to develop high-quality CNC processing suppliers. The fundamental reason is that the quality of products is not up to standard, which seriously affects the assembly and delivery of customers. On the one hand, it is engaged in CNC processing At the other end, it is the customers who can’t find high-quality CNC processors.

How to do a good job in product quality, first of all, we must pay attention to the standards, and implement the established standards well. During the implementation process, there should be no discount, such as drawing standards, operation standards, inspection standards, etc. every link of the product from raw materials to shipment is strictly controlled and implemented according to the standards, so as to form a good corporate culture atmosphere, the quality will be better and better There must be a market.

In the business plan of 2019, volley machinery technology plans to introduce high-end Japanese turn milling compound processing equipment again, greatly expanding the production capacity and better serving new and old customers.

Post time: Oct-12-2020