People who have been engaged in the precision CNC processing factory industry for many years must know that the precision CNC processing factory was also called the computer gong processing factory before. In 2000, many people habitually called the precision CNC processing factory as the computer gong processing factory. This has a great relationship with the habits of the employees, and also has certain regional characteristics. The appellations in the South and North are different.

From the earliest computer gongs were not widely popularized, and now the precision CNC processing plants are blooming everywhere. It takes about 10 years, especially in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, precision CNC processing plants are springing up all over the industrial areas. The reason why there are not enough employees is that there are too few precision CNC processing plants, which leads to the lack of talents engaged in precision CNC processing The outbreak of China’s economy in recent years has made the industry of precision CNC processing develop rapidly. However, after 2020, it is more and more difficult for precision CNC processing plants to recruit talents of this kind. After the lack of talents in the industry, to the vigorous development of the industry, and then to the present, it will be difficult to find one. The precision CNC processing plant has entered the cold winter of the industry, the economic environment is not good, and the market is creating The new product upgrading has led to more and more high-quality products and shorter production cycle. The demand for machining talents is growing. How to solve the problems in the current machining industry has become an urgent matter in this industry.

Wally machinery technology is also a member of the precision CNC processing plant. It has been adopting the method of internal training and external recruitment of two lines at the same time to ensure the sufficient number of machining technicians engaged in production, so as to ensure the timely delivery of production and meet the needs of customers.

Post time: Oct-12-2020