Regarding to CNC machining equipment, CNC has more advantages than traditional machining equipment. In the process of CNC machining, CNC machining is better in terms of product processing accuracy and efficiency. It is used for auxiliary time such as upper and lower materials, measurement, tool change, and adjustment of the machine tool. The traditional processing time exceeds 7/10 of the components, but the application of CNC machining greatly reduces the processing time. CNC machining adopts the method of process concentration. It reduces the influence of multiple clamping of the components on the machining accuracy and eliminates the error. CNC machining time can not only accurately estimate and improve the efficiency, but also improve the production quality, reflecting a higher estimated output, which is more conducive to the management of production quality.

After careful research on CNC machining technology, the production quality control and management of Baichuan precision parts are strictly divided into the following points.

(1) Improvement of product processing technology

The processing cost of the product is directly related to the technicality of its structure. The processing technology of the product determines the processing cost, and at the same time limits the processing efficiency and production capacity. Therefore, from the point of view of product design, the processing technology difficulty of CNC machine tools should be reduced as much as possible, thereby reducing the processing cost, shortening the processing time of CNC machine tools, improving the processing quality and efficiency of CNC machine tools, and finally improving the production capacity of CNC machine tools.

(2) CNC system for tool life management and control

The management and control of the tool life by the numerical control system is mainly determined by the number of tool processing or the tool processing time. In this way, when the tool life reaches the processing times and processing time specified by the system, the CNC center automatically stops the operation. If the manual monitoring is not in place, the tool cannot be replaced or reset in advance, and the machining capacity of the CNC will be affected. Therefore, tool life is an important factor affecting spindle utilization. Especially when a product has many CNC machining processes, large processing volume, and high requirements for machining dimensional accuracy, the types of tools required will increase. At this time, the CNC tool magazine automatically replaces the tool, and the tool setting action is more frequent, and the tool wear is large, so that the manual tool change and machine adjustment are more frequent. Therefore, tool wear is an important indicator that affects the normal production rhythm and production capacity of CNC. Therefore, tool wear is an important indicator that affects the normal production rhythm and production capacity of CNC.

(3) Optimization of CNC program and process parameters

In the process of determining the product processing technology, all functions of CNC machine tools, such as CNC machine tools, should be fully considered to shorten the processing route, reduce the number of cuts and switching times, and thereby improve production capacity. Select a reasonable cutting amount, give full play to the cutting performance of the tool, optimize the CNC machining process parameters, ensure the high-speed machining of the spindle, reduce the CT time of parts processing, and ultimately improve the product processing efficiency and production quality.

(4) Optimization of CNC machining process

When compiling CNC machining technology, not only the feasibility of machining should be considered, but also the influence of the formulation of machining technology on machining efficiency. By rationally arranging the machining process sequence and reducing the number of tool changes, the CNC machining time can be effectively shortened and the production capacity can be improved.

(5) Strict control of production site management

During the production process of CNC machining, the production operation SOP must be formulated and strictly implemented to standardize manual operation and reduce the phenomenon of passive sabotage and unnecessary waste of operation time. Establish an incentive mechanism to improve the enthusiasm of employees, improve production efficiency and product processing quality.

(6) Logistics timeliness

The products to be processed cannot be in place in time during the production process, resulting in the shutdown of the CNC spindle and affecting the production capacity. There are many factors that affect the timeliness of the products to be processed, including the lack of JIT awareness of the logistics personnel, the negligence of the CNC operators, the unscientific and unreasonable site layout and logistics system, the inconsistent production capacity between the various processes, and the untimely materials in the last section. The development of CNC production capacity. In the production layout planning of the workshop, the finished area and the to-be-processed area of ​​the product should be as close as possible to the CNC to reduce the waste of action time when the operator picks and puts the product. In view of frequent tool wear and tear, each CNC should be equipped with a certain number of tools to reduce manual labor to the tool magazine to coordinate tools, resulting in waste of equipment waiting. To this end, while strengthening employee management, we improve the logistics timeliness of products to be processed by optimizing workshop production layout and logistics methods, and at the same time strengthen personnel management and improve employees’ JIT awareness.

(7) Detailed inspection of CNC machining abnormalities

Regularly check the equipment and fixture conditions to reduce the potential abnormality of the CNC itself, and ensure the service life of the cylinder, solenoid valve, motor and other electrical components in the fixture in the oil environment, reduce the damage of the spindle, and improve the use of the spindle Rate.

(8) Standardization of workshop production layout

The production layout of the fine workshop is an important research field of the industrial engineering discipline. It can arrange the resources (human, financial, material) of the enterprise in the most reasonable and effective way (forming logistics and value flow), and fundamentally improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, thereby reducing the logistics cost and production cost, and finally transforming the workshop production into a variety of varieties , Small batch, flexible production mode. The pros and cons of the workshop production layout design have a significant impact on the logistics cost, logistics efficiency, actual production capacity, and production efficiency during the operation of the production system. According to statistics, 20%~50% of the manufacturing cost of products is used for non-processing processes such as logistics and storage. An effective layout can save more than 30% of logistics costs. Therefore, the quality of the workshop layout not only affects the smooth progress of the entire production, but also affects the The key factor of product production efficiency and production cost.

In order to ensure the high-quality management of the CNC processing and production process, starting from the above aspects, reasonable planning and implementation can effectively improve the production capacity!

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