With the rapid development of science and technology in our country, some machines have gradually appeared in our eyes, just like the five-axis linkage CNC machine tools that are of great significance to our country. But to talk about which country is the strongest in the five-axis CNC machine tools, the world’s five-axis gantry machining center.

Billionaire, Italy

Breton machine tools enjoy a high reputation in the European market and are one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Breton has the exclusive right to apply metal timing technology in the field of high-speed machining centers, and has developed a series of machining centers that can meet the needs of aerospace, space, defense, automotive, energy, molds, models and other fields.

Doctorate in Spain

Boster is mainly engaged in the technical development, manufacture and installation of heavy-duty machine tools, and produces various heavy-duty machine tools, such as vertical lathes, horizontal turning and milling, and large-scale gantry milling machines. For aerospace, aviation, military and other heavy machinery processing.

German Fork

FOOKE GmbH is a family business founded in 1904 in the city of Borken in western Germany. The German Foke company has 30 years of experience in manufacturing large and super-large high-speed five-axis gantry milling machines. The machine tool is equipped with a linear motor to achieve high-precision precision machining. With a strong reputation in the aerospace industry, Fooke also supplies high-performance and high-reliability machine tools to the railway, automotive industry and other fields.

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