We warmly celebrate that Voerly machinery technology has passed iso/ts16949 quality management system certification. Lso/ts 16949 is a ISO9001, QS 9000 (U.S.), avsq (Italian), eaqf (French), and VDA6.1 (German) is the common quality system requirements of automobile industry. In short, it is a quality management system certification that must be passed in the parts processing of automobile industry. TS16949 details every control detail of the product, not only in the company’s operation process, organization planning, but also in the implementation details of the products, to ensure the production Each part is controlled and documented.

Voerly machinery technology has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification before, and on the basis of ISO9001, it was upgraded to TS16949 quality management system certification again, which is the protection of every product.

It is mandatory for the industry to control the quality according to the requirements of TS16949 when processing automobile parts. In other industries, such as medical parts processing, automatic parts processing, optical parts processing and other products, TS16949 can improve the quality stability, process control ability and reduce the production defect rate.

Post time: Oct-12-2020