In China, CNC machining specialty has become universal in the past decade, and CNC machine tool manufacturers are also blooming everywhere. The threshold of NC machining enterprises is getting lower and lower, and the technology application of NC machining specialty is more and more widely used. It is farewell to the era of millet and rifle.

With the rise of the Internet in recent years, more and more young people are chasing the work of the Internet, which leads to the shortage of talents in the NC machining industry. The cultivation of NC machining professionals is not suitable. It is also the same in the field of research and development of CNC machine tools. The innovation of CNC machining professional technology can not be separated from equipment and technology. In the final analysis, it is the lack of guidance of CNC machining professionals It is one of the important reasons that domestic numerical control technology lags behind Japan and Germany.

Numerical control technology, also known as computer numerical control technology, is the technology of realizing digital program control through computer. The micro instructions generated by the computer through command processing are transmitted to the servo drive device to drive the motor or hydraulic actuator to drive the equipment to run. The CNC professionals are the personnel who complete this series of operations and are highly professional technical talents. At present, such talents are generally in general It can be obtained from two channels: one is the talents trained by the NC machining professional training school; the other is the CNC professional and technical talents who grow up after the operators learn CNC technology through on-the-job training of enterprises.

In the era of product upgrading, the quality and precision of products are more and more strict, and the requirements for CNC machining specialty are also higher and higher. The lack of talents in CNC machining specialty has led to the scarcity of talents in the blue collar market. In the future, it will also be one of the talent categories for enterprises to survive.

Post time: Oct-12-2020