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Stamping Parts Advantages

Since press processing is often performed at room temperature, it is also called cold stamping. Stamping

 forming is one of the metal pressure processing methods. It is a material forming engineering technology

 based on the metal plastic deformation theory. The raw materials for stamping processing are generally 

sheet or strip, so it is also called sheet metal stamping.


(1) The dimensional accuracy of the stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, and has the same characteristics,

 so the quality is stable and the interchangeability is good.

(2) Since it is processed by a mold, it is possible to obtain a part that is thin or light, has good rigidity, high 

surface quality, and complicated shape, which is impossible or difficult to manufacture by other processing 


(3) Stamping processing generally does not require heating of the blank, nor does it cut a large amount of 

metal like cutting, so it not only saves energy, but also saves metal.

(4) For ordinary presses, dozens of pieces per minute can be produced, and high-speed presses can produce 

hundreds of thousands of pieces per minute. So it is a highly efficient processing method.



Stamping is not limited for Electronics & Communication Products and home hardware applications. Furthermore, 

there are also some other important application fields in which hot forgings can showcase their strengths:

(1) Aviation industry

(2) Military industry

(3) Machinery industry

(4) Agricultural machinery industry

(5) Railway industry,

(6) Post and telecommunications industry

(7) Transportation industry,

(8) Chemical industry

(9) Medical equipment industry

(10) Household industry


Size M1-M36,As your drawings.
Available Material Stainless Steel, Carbon steel/SS304/SS31,alloy steel,etc.
Surface treatment Anodizing,Zinc/Nickel plated.
Certificate ISO9001,IATF16949,ROHS
Quality control ISO standard,100% Whole range inspection through the production
QC thread gauge , callipers
Quality control ISO standard,100% Whole range inspection through the production
Used hydraulic vehicles ,automobiles, agricultural machines
After-sales Service We will follow up every customer and solve all your problems satisfied after sales
Payment TT;30% paid for deposit by T/T before production arrangement, the balance to be paid before shipment.


1) Offering video and photos with details freely during production.

2) Producing according to the accuracy of drawings, assembly measurement to detect function and  strict quality control to ensure 0 return rate

3) 99% orders can be ensured delivery time

4) The materials we use are optimal

5) 24 hours online service

6) The competitive factory price with the same quality and service

7) The most suitable packing method to different products.

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Stamping Parts Advantages

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