The injection mould is one of the main equipment of the injection production, so the method of mould inspection and maintenance is developed to effectively maintain the precision of the mould and stabilize the production operation, ensure the quality of the moulded products, reduce the occurrence of faults in the production process, and ensure the normal production of moulds in the injection workshop, reduce the faults of moulds and the quality of products, so that the moulds can maintain the best performance status and extend the service life to ensure the normal production.

---Definition of injection moulds The moulds used for plastic injection moulding are called injection moulds, or injection moulds for short. Injection moulds are capable of forming plastic products with complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy or with inserts in one go. 
"Seven points mould, three points process". For the injection moulding process, moulds and injection moulding machines have a great influence on the quality of the moulded products, and it can even be said that moulds play a greater role than injection moulding machines; it is difficult to get excellent moulded products if you do not fully understand the moulds during the injection moulding process. 

The importance of mould maintenance and its significance

A well-maintained mould can shorten the mould assembly and commissioning time, reduce production failures, make production run smoothly, ensure product quality, reduce scrap loss, and reduce the operating cost and fixed asset investment of the enterprise, so that when the next production cycle begins, the enterprise can smoothly produce qualified products. Therefore, in the current competitive market situation, a well-maintained mould can help enterprises.

 As the most important molding equipment for injection moulding, the quality of injection moulds is directly related to the quality of products. Moreover, as moulds account for a large proportion of the production cost of injection moulding, their service life directly affects the cost of injection moulded products. Therefore, to improve the quality of injection moulds, and to maintain and repair them to prolong their life cycle is an important issue for injection moulded products processing enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

After completing a production cycle, the moulds are generally kept in storage until the next production cycle comes and then taken out for use. If the mold preservation is not enough attention, will make the mold in the preservation of corrosion, surface finish decline, resulting in product quality decline, high scrap rate, some molds even difficult to use, need to re-invest a lot of money to buy a new mold, resulting in a gre

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