When enterprises purchase precision parts, the quotation of CNC machining center provided by suppliers can not be accurately evaluated, which leads to the selection of suppliers, resulting in product quality failure and delivery delay. How should we accurately evaluate the quotation of CNC machining center?

First of all, before purchasing, we must distinguish the attributes of the order, whether it is hand proofing or mass production. Generally, the prices of these two methods are quite different. Let’s explain these two methods one by one, which may be helpful for you to evaluate the quotation of CNC machining center in the future

There is no standard for reference in the quotation stage of template proofing. Different suppliers have different actual situations and different quoted prices. There are several reasons for the high price of prototype samples

1. Due to the special material or structure of the sample, customized tools are needed, resulting in the high cost of cutting tools;

2. If the structural surface of the sample appears curved surface or abnormal shape, it needs to run 3D or customized molding tools to complete, resulting in a long processing time, which is multiplied. Even if the sample development is successful, the cost of mass production is also unbearable;

3. There are also some other factors, such as no product drawings or 3D drawings, suppliers will spend more on production, and the quotation will be higher;

4. If the number of handpieces is limited and the supplier’s minimum start-up cost (time of machine adjustment + labor cost) is not met, it will be evenly distributed over the sample quantity, resulting in the phenomenon of high unit price.

In the production of batch products, we can calculate whether the supplier’s quotation is accurate according to the processing time of the products. The unit prices of different equipment processing are different. The prices of ordinary CNC and four axis CNC processing and five axis CNC processing equipment are very different. These are also one of the important reference factors for the quotation of CNC machining center.

Wally machinery technology provides detailed quotation scheme when quoting in CNC machining center. The quotation details include material cost, processing cost of each process, surface treatment fee, loss cost, profit, etc., and provides customers with reasonable processing scheme according to processing experience, so as to reduce the purchasing cost of customers.

Post time: Oct-12-2020