Most of the five axis machining centers adopt 3 + 2 structure, that is, XYZ three linear motion axes plus two of ABC three axes rotating around XYZ axis respectively. From the large aspect, there are kyzab, xyzac and xyzbc. According to the combination form of the two rotating axes, it can be divided into three kinds of five axis linkage machining centers: double rotary table type, turntable with swing head type, and double swing head type. 1: Five axis machining center with double turntable structure:

A-axis + c-axis double turntable structure, the worktable can swing around x-axis, which is a-axis. The center of the table can rotate 360 degrees around the Z axis, which is the c axis. With the combination of AC two axes, except the bottom surface of the workpiece can not be processed, the other five surfaces can be processed. The advantages of this machine are that the spindle structure is simple and rigid, and the cost is low, but the bearing capacity of the worktable is limited

This type of five axis linkage machining center is composed of xyzbc axis. The spindle of the five axis linkage machining center is particularly flexible, and the worktable area is unlimited, but the spindle structure is complex and the cost is high.

3: Five axis linkage machining center with double swing head structure:

The high rotation accuracy of the spindle is solved by using the high torque drive shaft. The structure of the whole machine is mostly door type.

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