The main high-quality supplier resources of the mechanical processing industry are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, in which the number of CNC lathe processing manufacturers is also a very large group. So how to accurately select CNC lathe processing manufacturers? Wally machinery technology will talk with you about:

First of all, before choosing the CNC lathe processing factory, we must understand that the high-quality CNC lathe manufacturer has those qualities, how to constitute the high-quality standard?

1. High quality CNC lathe manufacturers should first look at the image and culture of the enterprise. The fundamental reason why it is difficult to form culture in the machining industry is that the overall quality of employees is poor. If a CNC lathe processing factory has a good external image and corporate culture, it shows that the enterprise management is very attentive, and has excellent staff training and cultural accumulation Characteristics of quality suppliers.

2. The second material of high-quality CNC lathe processing factory is the basic 7S management. Compared with the electronic industry, the 7S in the mechanical processing industry is more difficult to implement. If the 7S arrangement and rectification in the workshop is very good, we must do a very good job in the 7S area division, material placement and operation standardization Manufacturers can reduce the occurrence of many defective products, delivery will be more timely.

3. Check the detailed implementation of the enterprise’s management system, quotation processing process, order delivery process, process development process, quality control process and system process. If the above conditions are met, it shows that the operation of the enterprise is also excellent and has the characteristics of high-quality CNC lathe processing factory. 

In a word, excellent CNC lathe manufacturers have a good external image and mature management team, and long-term operation has formed a good corporate culture atmosphere. Volley machinery technology’s vision is that precision machining can help technological innovation. We hope to become an outstanding processor in the field of mechanical processing and contribute to China’s innovation and technology.

Post time: Oct-12-2020