In the process of daily mechanical processing, CNC machining center processing is the most common process, and also the most dependent process of precision machining. When we enjoy the high-tech equipment to solve the processing problems, how to prevent the CNC machining center from hitting the machine is also the focus of daily management.

Collision opportunities have a serious impact on the precision of precision machining equipment. The force of collision may damage the tools, products, and internal structural parts of the machine tool. In other words, the impact on the CNC machining center is very serious. What are the causes of the collision?

1. Tool compensation input error value will cause collision, such as coordinate injection offset compensation input error, long charge compensation H value input error or call error, coordinate input error, g54, G40, G49, g80 value input error, etc.

2. Operation error is also the main cause of machine collision, such as wrong machining coordinates, wrong tool installation or tool change, program call error, no return to the original point after starting up, hand wheel or manual direction error. These reasons are the important reasons for machine collision in CNC machining center.

How to avoid the occurrence of pick-up events to ensure the accuracy of CNC machining center? Usually many people will use the simulation system of numerical control machining, which can provide a real virtual environment of numerical control operation, simulate the processing process through the numerical control simulation software, so as to reduce the risk of accidents and serious loss of machine tools in the actual operation of CNC machine tools.

As long as in the daily work, careful operation, you can avoid most of the machine collision problems. By solidifying the process of safe operation, idling test run and inspection and other basic work, it can also reduce the risk of collision, and ensure the safety and accuracy of the equipment in the CNC machining center.

Post time: Oct-12-2020