CNC aluminum profile processing is the use of CNC automatic lathe processing processing materials, is the main processing method of manufacturing precision parts processing, due to processing speed, high precision, convenient processing process, is used by most industry enterprises.

CNC precision milling steel
CNC Precision Machining  (16)

CNC aluminum profile parts batch processing using CNC machining center mainly has the following advantages:

1. The highest processing accuracy of CNC machining center can reach ±0.01mm, with accurate size and small error.

2. Fast processing speed, batch processing of precision parts, the fastest one day shipping.

3. Processing process is convenient; CNC machining center can complete multiple processing at one time, to avoid multiple clamping and other complex processes.

4. Surface treatment; some precision parts have high requirements for surface finish, and CNC machining center ensures the surface finish of the product.

5. Manual special process; according to the product use environment, polishing, oxidation, painting, laser engraving, screen printing, powder spraying and other special processes to extend the service life of the parts.

Post time: Oct-18-2022