As we all know, cnc machining center is a high-speed cutting processing equipment, its spindle speed can reach 8000-10000rpm/min. Once an accident occurs under high-speed operation, it will often cause very serious consequences, so the machining center’s protective cover is an indispensable protection equipment. The sheet metal material of machining center has strong anti-collision, mostly made of cold-rolled plate and galvanized plate, which has been cut, slotted, flanged, stamped, punched, formed, ribbed and other processes, and the surface has been baked with paint treatment.

According to the type of role of cnc machining center shield can be divided into internal protection and external protection, from the literal meaning is not difficult to understand, internal protection is mainly to protect the core components of the machine tool, such as guide rails, screw, the role is to prevent iron carry and coolant to cause harm, so the material will choose a better steel plate. The outer guard is mainly to ensure the safety of the operator, it can separate the processing area and the operator insulation.

In order to make the cnc machining center shield can last and maintain the safety, daily maintenance work is certainly indispensable, for cnc machining center shield maintenance mainly contains the following points: A: the installation stage to do a good job of positioning work.

A: the installation stage to do a good job of positioning, each positioning surface of the fixture should correspond to the origin of the machining center, the coordinate size to be accurate.

B: daily processing, the spindle stroke within the workpiece should be all processed.

C: The mounting orientation of the part is consistent with the direction of the coordinate system in programming. Orientation installation should be reduced while the component is of higher stiffness.

D: In multi-axis machining center operations, the table should be taken into account. Since the table will move, up-rest, down-rest and rotate, the fixture design should take into account to prevent spatial interference between the fixture and the machine.

No matter how the processing memory is updated and iterated, safety is always the first theme, do a good job of CNC machining center protection in order to more safely and efficiently process the workpiece, to ensure the safety of employees and the safety of the core components of the machine has also become a very important link.

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Post time: Oct-19-2021