The use of the word CNC computer gong processing is less and less. Instead, it is processed by CNC machining center. From the word, we can understand that computer gong is equal to processing center. These two kinds of equipment are the same equipment, but they are called differently. So how does CNC computer gong processing come from?

During the period of reform and opening up, foreign companies in China were mainly Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises. They were generally called cncch or CNC machine tools. In Hong Kong, they used to call them computer gongs. Later, they were introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland, and more and more people called CNC computer gongs processing. In China, in the Yangtze River Delta area, more and more people called CNC machining centers The faster the popularization in China, the fewer and fewer people call CNC computer gong processing, which is the origin of the name of CNC computer gong processing.

So the difference between CNC computer gongs processing and CNC machining center doesn’t need to be mentioned by me. There is no difference between the two. It’s just called differently. At present, the development speed of domestic CNC machining is very fast, and there are many enterprises and talents engaged in CNC computer gong processing, and the development prospect is also very good. From the initial simple three-axis processing to the present multi-axis processing, the processing capacity is constantly upgraded, and the product accuracy is higher and higher, which can be compared with many foreign-funded enterprises.

Wally machinery technology is also engaged in computer gong processing business. The company has three axis, four axis and five axis computer gongs, which can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, Wally machinery technology has a mature quality management system to ensure that the quality of products produced meets the requirements of customers. We have been engaged in mechanical processing for many years, and we have always served new and old customers.

Post time: Oct-12-2020